Monday, 20 October 2014

Woolly news: October 2014

Lacy scarf blockingSince Septembers Woolly News I am very happy to report that I have finished my lacy scarf  which I had entered as part of the WIP Crack Away KAL.  Originally I had planned to keep working on the scarf until I had used all the wool. I realised half way through that if I continued to the end the scarf would be long enough to wrap around not only me but Fizz and Mr D as well.  I cast off with 33g of wool left and the scarf nicely wraps around my neck several times.  With the remaining wooI I might see if I can make some wrist warmers or something similar.  

I was on a roll after finishing a WIP so I next planned to work on the cabled cushion cover.  This was cast on in August having purchased the kit at Woolfest.  Progress had stalled once I hit the cabled section as my stitch count was all over the place.  How annoying is that?  I'm certain user error was to blame but, in my defence, I was also finding the pattern hard to follow and was getting zero enjoyment out of it as a result.  I did love the New Lanark wool the kit came with but that's all.  After a moan on the WIP Crack Away thread on Ravelry I decided to frog the whole thing.  Not a decision I took lightly I hasten to add!

Ammolite cowl tin can knits after graduation meal
My Ammolite and OU Alumni badge

Now a confession.  I have also not been faithful to the WIP Crack Away KAL and casted on a couple of projects (sorry Louise and Nic).  I had a good excuse for one as it was to wear after my graduation.  This was the Tin Can Knits Ammolite Cowl.  The wool was purchased at Woolfest from The Little Grey Sheep who I  mentioned in my Yarndale post.  It was bought specifically to make the cowl for my graduation but I left it until the week before to cast on!  It was plain sailing though and I love the end result. The Gotland Aran in the OMG! colourway was brilliant to knit with.  A perfect combination to wear after a great day.  

Close up Ammolite cowl Tin Can Knits Gotland Aran

The second project I have no excuse for.  Its the dreaded Beekeeper's Quilt which I will probably finish when I am eighty!  I am not doing hexi puffs but flats as I can't see how the puffs would be practical.  Also absolutely no wool will be bought for this project as I using my 4ply / sock wool leftovers.  The hexi's are easy knitting which requires no thought.  I won't bore you with my progress every month, when I get to a hundred hexi flats I will let you know!  So far I have made seventeen so there is a long way to go.
tin can knits vivid blanket for new baby in west yorkshire spinners aire valley bright colours

More blanket news. I am still working the odd round on my crochet blanket.  It's my Social Knitwork project of choice as I can hook and talk at the same time!  Last week I cast on the Vivid blanket also by Tin Can Knits.  This is for a new family member due at the end of January.  I am using West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK, the colour choice was ably assisted by Mr D.  So far I have finished two squares and I like how the wool is knitting up and how well it blocks.  The squares are a bit fiddly to start with but I found them easier magic looping them rather than using double pointed needles.  There is a real danger I will not want to hand this blanket over once its finished! 

Well I think that me done.  What have you all been working on this month? 


  1. Lots of WIP's! I am struggling with my first ever pair of hand knitted socks! 4 needles?? But how??! Determined to produce a pair by Christmas! X

    1. Ah socks....... I really enjoy knitting them and have just cast on my 4th pair (there are man sized for Mr D!). This time I have ditched the DPNs and using a circular needle and the magic loop method. I've only just done a few rows of the cuff in readiness to take in the car up to Scotland but have found it easier than fighting with lots pointy sticks! Decent circular needles are the key though my Knit Pros were not smooth enough ourchased some Addi lace ones at Yarndale and loving them. Either way keep going as it's worth it once they are on your feet!

  2. Well done on the lacy scarf and the cowl, they look great! Oh my word Isla that Vivid Blanket - it looks very effective and very tricky, I can only knit in straight lines! I'm now on the edge of my chunky crochet blanket, so a Ta Dah soon I hope :-)

    1. I'm loving the Vivid Blanket but it is a bit fiddly until a few rows have been completed. After that it gets better honest! I like the sound of a chunky crochet blanket..... Is it a pattern you are following? Next year I would like to start a Ripple blanket aka Attic 24 style but first I need to finish my current one!

    2. I'm not following a pattern Isla, it's something I made up. It's been quite quick really but has used a lot of yarn. I'd like to start a ripple too, think I'll do a cushion cover first!