Monday, 29 September 2014

Yarndale 2014

Well what can I say?  Yarndale was brilliant once again!

Like last year I picked my best friend up early doors and drove the two hours to Skipton with tea and chatter interspersed with instructions from the sat nav! We arrived just after 9am and luckily the parking stewards were allowing the visitors to park.  After having a little snack in the car we decided to walk to the park near the auction mart to see some of the yarn bombing.  We didn't go far this year as there was a run taking place along the footpaths and we were in danger of being swept away by the runners.

Yarndale yarn bombing crochet letters of word yarndale
I had been organised this year and printed off the exhibitor plan highlighting our 'must see firsts' before things got too busy.  This worked brilliantly and as soon as the doors opened we headed to see Victoria of Eden Cottage Yarns.  As usual Victoria's stand looked amazing.  Obviously the yarns are stunning but the time and effort that has been put into their presentation makes for a real treat! Unfortunately I was so busy squishing, buying and chatting to Victoria that I didn't take any photos so you will just have to trust me when I say it was brilliant!  I bought two skeins of BFL Sock in 'Larch' (a really rich green) and one skein of Bowland DK (also 100% Bluefaced Leicester) in the 'Thunder' colourway - a grey purple stormy sky.  Love them both!

Another must see was the little grey sheep whom I first saw at Woolfest earlier this year.  The wool comes from Emma's own own flock of Gotlands and Shetlands however she has just launched some wonderful Hampshire Chunky in addition to her own wool.  All the sheep are sheared by Susie and dyed by Emma who I enjoyed chatting to again.  Emma not only has a great taste in colours but also a vivid imagination when it comes to the colourway names.  I came away with 'Shingle Beach' the Hampshire chunky yarn and two skeins of 'I met her by the river' in Gotland Double Knit.  

Yarndale yarn from little grey sheep
the little grey sheep stand
Purchases were made from my regular haunts including finally buying some Skein Queen Oosie.  Others included some four ply Bluefaced Leicester from Yarn Garden and more Titus from Baa Ram Ewe.   I was also very excited to make my first ever purchase from Blacker and bought the last of their Pure Teeswater in Sorrel.  More first purchases was a skein of Britsock from The Knitting Goddess, some Aran Wensleydale Longwool and some double Knit from Triskelion who are based in Wales.  Its safe to say I bought a lot of wool and it will take some time to add it to Ravelry.  Its all british so that makes everything all right....... doesn't it?  I did make some none woolly purchases including the brand, spanking new Road Trip by Tin Can Knits (I met Emily herself!!), a christmas decoration from Tile Productions and some wonderful buttons from Sky Blue Pink Designs.  
Isla of Axholme Yarndale 2014 purchases
My Yarndale 2014 haul

It wasn't all shopping you might be glad to know.  We managed to find our Yarndale mandelas among the 1,182 on display.  Mine was certainly in the minority as it was knitted but it did make it easier to find!  Unfortunately we missed revisiting the bunting and forgot to take a closer look at the giant mandalas in the Knit and Natter Lounge. 

My best friend was also part of an Instragram picnic meet up where everyone had to wear a crochet square in order to recognise each other.  It wasn't really the weather for sitting outside so we didn't stay too long but it was fun to meet people I would not have done otherwise.  However, my absolute non woolly highlight of the day was the Podcaster meet up.   I finally got to meet Jo, Louise and Aimee which was brilliant and surreal as well as Louise and Clare who I have chatted with on Twitter and Ravelry.  There were many others and I apologise for not mentioning you as I didn't get all your names.  Those who took part in the Lush Pod Kal proudly showed off their cardigans and Jo was able to pop her very nearly finished Lush on for a Lush Pod Kal photo!       

Were you able to go to Yarndale?  Tell me all about your purchases!  If you were not able to make it this year I highly recommend a visit next year!


  1. I'm so jealous you got to go to Yarndale. I do wish I didn't live quite so far away or I wasn't so ill! I'm always gutted to miss; the lovely town of Skipton, a place visited many times in childhood, the amazing stalls and of course the podcaster meet up. Maybe one day someone local to me will fancy a trip and will drive me up the M1!

    1. We will have to put a lift shout out for you next year. People travel to Yarndale from all over so there must be someone close by or a trip organised by a local shop / group. We didn't make it into Skipton this year but we had a little walk around last time. It was so busy! Take care and thanks for reading by blog post.

  2. What brilliant woolly treasures you came home with! And yes, if it's British that makes it alright! I would definitely like to go to Yarndale next year, it looks quite an experience.

  3. Your haul is FABBY! It was a great day & so lovely to meet you at last!

    1. You too! My haul is still on a chair in the lounge...... not sure how much longer I can get away with it being there though! I'm loving gazing at it though.