Thursday, 4 September 2014

The great 2014 bunny escape.

I am very lucky to have great neighbours but for such a small road (there are only five houses) there have been more than your average amount of bizarre goings on! In the past we have removed dead birds, helped calm injured children, sat with elderly relatives, fed fish and been on wheelie bin patrol for bugs. We have had water fights, snowball fights and sporting challenges, and trips to A&E when Mr D's foot had a disagreement with a bottle of wine.  I, to my embarrassment, have also tested our neighbours patience after having a glass too many at our streets Jubilee party!

Isla of Axholme blog bunny 2014 photo of fizz and cows The most recent incident on our street happened on Sunday following a Fizz walk to see the cows.  Imagine the site of seeing one of your neighbours standing in their dressing gown shouting 'the rabbits have gone' repeatedly! It transpired that our other neighbour, the rabbits owner, had left them in charge of them for the weekend.  However, the naughty things had launched their own 'Escape to Victory' and tunnelled out overnight. Now these rabbits are our neighbours babies, they are totally spoilt (which pet isn't) and the thought of our neighbour returning to missing rabbits made all of us feel pretty sick.  

After sounding pretty silly calling 'here bunny, bunny' into the bushes we managed to track down the party animals in the garden behind our neighbours house.  We then spent the next hour crawling and diving around trying to catch them. Luckily rabbit number 1 was bribed with carrot and was easier to catch but rabbit number 2 was a bit more adventurous and played hide and seek behind a shed.  With the use of a garden brush and a plastic garden carrier we managed to catch the 'darling sweet thing' and marched him back to his own house! When our neighbour returned they were shocked at what their darling rabbits had been up to.  I had to pay an emergency visit to our local tearoom for cake and some of their own brewed beer.

Please tell me it's not just my little road where this happens? Have you had any funny neighbourly happenings on your street?


  1. Been there, done that, and if you're anything like us then once the bunnies were caught you all had a good giggle about it. In our case the three culprits managed to get from our garden into the garden next door during the night, and four adults ended up late for work and four kids late for school because of the rabbits expertise in evading capture. I'll never forget seeing my other half rugby tackle a rabbit and miss!

    1. We did have a good laugh afterwards more with relief I think! These rabbits have an enormous run with lots of rooms etc you would have thought they would have loved to stay where they were in the first place!