Sunday, 22 February 2015

Old Crochet Doilies

All of the dollies together
I want to share these photos with you all.  They are crochet doilies which belonged to Mr D's Gran who sadly passed away just after Christmas.  

Detail of table runner

I feel very honoured to have them in our home.  As far as we know Gran didn't make them herself (she was a keen knitter, sewed and embroidered).  We think they may have been made
by my father in laws auntie. 

Whoever made them must have loved to crochet.  The stitches in some of them are so tiny and the yarn so thin.  The table runner alone but have taken many hours of work to create something of that size and detail (there are 80 squares).  

The tiny stitches 


  1. Wow, they are really intricate. I wonder how long each one took to make. What a special collection, Isla, I'm sure you will treasure them. x

    1. My best friend said some of them would have been done on a hook 0.5mm or smaller..... they must have taken months and months especially the table runner. I used a similar sized hook when placing beads on a shawl I finished recently and using it for that was bad enough!

  2. Lovely that they have come to a home where they will be appreciated and enjoyed Isla x

    1. I plan to rotate them around so they will all be used and shown off! Gran had quite a stash of them but most I don't think were used. I gave around half of them a home.